Flaring Dart! draws its inspiration from difficult shoot'em-ups like DoDonPachi, so don't expect to play a kid's game!
Currently the game is very limited: there are 2 levels only (complete them... if you can ^_^), and you have not the possibility to configure anything.

Click here to download: Flaring Dart!-sdl 0.32(1344kb)


- download the file above into a directory at your choice
- double-click it, and you'll be asked where you want the game to be installed to: I.E. if you choose the path C:\, the game will be installed into the directory C:\FlaringDart!
- click "Installa"

To play enter the directory where you installed FD in and double-click the file Flaring Dart!.

Before you start playing, read the instructions! You'll avoid wasting time searching for buttons and understanding their usage ^_^